Thursday, May 16, 2013


The final day was flying home.  Very bitter sweet....
Thank you to my dear sweetheart who loved me enough to take me on a fantasy trip!
I love you!  We had a very festive and happy time together.
The End


We saved Magic Kingdom for last.  From looking at the weather, we had hoped the day would be nice and warm.  As it turned out, it was just the weather Eldon had hoped for...a bit cool, with breaks of sunshine.
Disney really is a Happy Place.

You never tire of watching the Disney shows!  They make me turn into a child again and remind me to always "wish upon a star".

An then the rides....!  The wonderful and festive rides, that you never tire of going to!  You don't even realize you're waiting in line, they have so many festive and fun things to do and look at!


And then there are the parades!  Everyone loves a parade!


So long until we meet again!!!!!


Although this post took place much later than the actual Florida trip, I wanted to get it posted before I forgot everything...

On Day 5 of our Florida trip we headed out to Sea World.  We loved Sea World in California and had great expectations for Sea World in Florida.  The day was perfect, not too hot and sunny skies above!

 We got to pet and watch people feed the sting rays.  They are surprisingly very soft like velvet.

This is how I would look like in an aquarium...

Yes, I rode the Kraken...TWICE!  Come on - ya' got to be proud of that!

 The dolphin show was amazing and wonderful!
 The always entertaining Clyde and Seamore show....

Eldon missed this shot from below their pools, as he was taking his "shut eye" during the killer whale pose.
We even spent some time out on the paddle boats....
This ride took you to the top of the pole to have a view from above!  Kind of fun!